Meal Prep April Week 1

Meal Prep April Week 1

Sundays are usually my day for meal prepping. I have a slight case of ADHD + OCD, it makes life very fun. I have to be super organized otherwise I can’t find anything and my meals consist of take out Chipotle or GF pretzels. Anyway, I spend a couple of hours cooking, washing, chopping and baking every Sunday. My typical routine is as follows: finding new recipes to try for breakfasts, lunches & dinners, writing out my meal plans, making my grocery list/ going to Mariano’s/ Whole Foods/ Trader Joe’s, and then cooking! Viola! To be clear, I don’t go to all 3 grocery stores every week- I have select foods I get from each… but the majority is from Mariano’s!

Anyway, the pictures are: 1) freshly cut fruit & veggies 2) marinated skirt steak, broccoli & brown rice 3) potatoes, sausage, bacon, pork & green pepper 4) GF oatmeal, chopped apples, brown sugar, and cinnamon. I snack on fruits n’ veggies/ oatmeal, the steak will be lunches and the potato creation will be served under two eggs. YUM. Food is good.


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