(Apple Cider Vinegar) Shots before breakfast

(Apple Cider Vinegar) Shots before breakfast

Good morning!

Winston woke me up at 2 am and then 6:20 am so I have some extra time to post this morning! I will also need an extra cup of coffee 🙂

I try to start my mornings with shots! #college #justkidding

I dilute about 1 tbsp of raw apple cider vinegar into a little bit of water, and then “chase” it with some fresh squeezed OJ. (Thanks, Laura, for introducing me!) I like AVC because it’s good for digestion, detoxing, it’s good for your skin and hair and it boosts weight loss. 🙌

I also do a couple of mini shots of a green spinach/ apple drink. It’s called Columbia George and I get it from Whole Foods. I do about 2 “shots” of it to get some extra green veggie benefits. I believe the serving size is 1 whole bottle but I eat a lot of veggies through the day so this is just a little mini boost for me- 1 bottle lasts me about 4 days!


Have a great day everybody- Here’s to hoping the kiddos behave today!

And here’s a funny picture for you too:



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