Mini breakfast sandwich & bacon avocado cheeseburger!

Mini breakfast sandwich & bacon avocado cheeseburger!


I hope you all had a great day. Mine was okay, the second half of the day got a little nutty in the classroom!

I’ve been so hungry the past 3 days- I think the Flux Pavillion song “I can’t stop” was written about my eating habits. Seriously. I had my usual breakfast & lunch but I also added a protein shake, oatmeal, fruit and a mini breakfast sandwich! What’s wrong with me? 😭

After a semi- crazy day I enjoyed this beautiful weather and got in a good lifting session! Every Wednesday I lift with Julie and Rog… I love it! I worked up to 100% of my previous 1RM snatch (took me 3x!) and 90% of my 1RM clean & jerk. Then did a 6×2 squat @ 75% and some ab work. Then I ate more food.

So about that breakfast sandwich, it was great and it was my after school snack. I had a slice of Ezekiel break and treated it like an egg and sausage grilled cheese. First I scrambled up the egg, then sliced a piece of sausage, added a small amount of cheese and then let it sizzle in the sauce pan. Here’s a picture 🙂 looks gross, tasted great.


After lifting I was starving and I had a burger on my mind! Drum roll…. I used the grill all by myself! I think I lit my burger on fire twice but it didn’t look burned so maybe that’s supposed to happen. (?) I like my burgers medium rare. Heated the grill to high, threw the burgers on for 3 min and then flipped for another 3 minutes. Added a slice of bacon & a couple of small cheddar slices and let the burger sit for another minute. Then I added avocado and heated up the rest of my green beans. This meal was phenomenal!


I ate the rest of my breakfast skillet mash up this morning (surprise, surprise) so stay tuned for a new recipe tomorrow morning. 😊

Also I have started talking with some local organizations about working as a case manager / service facilitator with children and adults who have disabilities! As of June I’ll be looking for a new & full time job, this could be it!


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