Sweet potato breakfast & a nice little WOD (running, PC, GHD sit-ups, DU’s)

Sweet potato breakfast & a nice little WOD (running, PC, GHD sit-ups, DU’s)

Happy Saturday!

Sorry for no post yesterday- work was nutty & then I drove strait to the gym so I could hang out with Jono for a bit when he got off work. 😊

Yesterday was no meat day because of lent- for breakfast I heated up the rest of my sweet potato fries in the frying pan, then made 2 eggs over easy! Sweet potato and eggs go so perfectly together that I (almost) didn’t even miss the meat. If you’re looking for an amazing breakfast, layer bacon in between the potato & egg! Your taste buds will thank you!

Lately I’ve been getting Chipotle for lunch on Friday for a few reasons. First, it’s delicious. Also, it’s gluten free. Third, it’s super filling without meat! My order was: 3 hard shell corn tortillas, brown rice, black & pinto beans, tomato salsa, lettuce, easy cheese & guac. YUM.

On my way to the gym I enjoyed the most amazing weather and some apple cinnamon oats, carrots and grapes. I made up my own little WOD and it was great! I’m following the squat program my gym is doing, today was easy: 3×3 @ 75%. After squatting I did 4 rounds:
Run 400m
5 power cleans @ 85#
15 GHD sit-ups
20 DU’s

It felt great to be running outdoors again! My calfs can feel it today, even though it was only 1 mile! Today we are doing half of “Murph” for our WOD. Should kick my ass but be a good one! 💪

After working out, Jono and I invaded Costco and then went to Mariano’s for dinner. I got sushi: spicy tuna with avocado! I also got a mini scoop of chocolate gelato for us to split. It went about 90% to me 10% to Jono … (Sorry dear)

I think it’s important to indulge sometimes. I notice when I am super “strict” on what I eat, I start craving EVERYTHING that’s bad for me and end up binging big time. I did a paleo challenge over the summer and made it 7 days before I broke down and ate 7 cookies. 😞 If you have the power to be strict and not go crazy… you’re awesome and I’m jealous!

I hope everyone has a phenomenal day! Busy day for me: workout, birthday BBQ, downtown Chicago for my friend Jenna’s birthday! Tomorrow will be a fun day of meal prep… Stay tuned for some amazing recipes.



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