Last minute nachos & laziness

Last minute nachos & laziness


I threw together a random dinner last night that was semi clean and semi naughty.

Organic corn tortilla chips, black beans & some grated cheddar. Popped in oven for 7min @ 350 and then added Jacks salsa and guac! It was very tasty!

My dinners this week have been weird because I didn’t ever decide on what to make and meal prep for the evening. I had some leftovers on Monday. That threw off the rest of my dinners- I’ve been savaging and eating random things. I now know why I’m so obsessed with pre planning meals and groceries!! Next week will be better.

I had a lazy day today and I only lifted for about 7 seconds before I decided I just needed to leave. I’ve had a headache all week and been fighting some nasty allergies. Woof. Tomorrow, Friday and Saturday I have some serious cardio WODs planned! Burpees & running… Come to me!


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