April Meal Prep Week 3: hash browns, Ezekiel wraps, veggie soup, mystery dinner

April Meal Prep Week 3: hash browns, Ezekiel wraps, veggie soup, mystery dinner

Before I forget, I have an update on my apple cinnamon oats. I couldn’t eat the milky oats… it just wasn’t happening. So I remade them with only water this time and it was great! I think I prefer the half almond milk/ half water combination the best though. This is where I’m torn. I don’t actually like almond milk plain. I also don’t mix it with my protein powder anymore… so I feel silly buying  a whole half gallon of it! I think it will go to waste if it’s only for the oatmeal. I hate wasting food! I may have to stick with just water from now on.

Anyway, this week was extra frumpy for me. I didn’t get a workout in until THURSDAY. I was so sore from half Murph on Saturday and I was also just lazy. I feel it now though, today I am going to run with my pup and do a workout at my gym later. I had a rough day yesterday so when I got to the gym I was ready to sweat it all out. I made up my own little WOD that was based on a 9-7-5 workout my gym had done on Wednesday.

Row 200m, 15 power cleans @ 85#, 15 burpee pull-ups

Row 200m, 12 power cleans @ 85#, 12 burpee pull-ups

Row 200m, 9 power cleans @ 85#, 9 burpee pull-ups

I feel great today, and I’m so pumped I did this at 85#. I remember when I first started and I was only confident using the bar and 10’s on either side. It is just fun seeing how as time goes on, confidence and strength increases. 🙂 I was able to plan out my meals last night after my WOD and I’m trying something semi-new.

Breakfast: I’m going to make my own hash browns using the food processor and the oven. (What?) I’ve made this in the past using a sweet potato and a cast iron skillet. For some reason, my sweet potatoes never got crispy…ever. So I am going to food process my baking potato, season it (same seasonings as in my previous potato post) and then pop it in the oven. Mix it up a few times and repeat. I’m hoping for some crisp here! I have a marinated skirt steak in the freezer so I am going to grill that bad boy up, dice it and then add green peppers. After this week I need to take a break from my little skillet mash-ups. I change out the meats and veggies but I’m still starting to get sick of them. I may try a shake that I can drink on the way to work in my long-ass commute. Any suggestions?

Lunch: Another new thing! I saw some Ezekiel wraps at Whole Foods last week and I’ve been intrigued by them ever since. I’m going to make some veggie soup and a half wrap. The veggie soup is a recipe I got from Jono’s mom:

V8, chicken broth, sautéd onion and garlic, any veggies (I’m using carrots, peas, corn and green beans) a can of diced tomatoes and white kidney beans. Put in a pot on the stove and let sit until warm. I leave it for about 1-2 hours to mix all the flavors together. Also, for this you can use fresh or frozen veggies. When I use frozen I actually put them on a baking sheet and pop them in the oven for about 15 minutes @ 350 to crisp them up. Otherwise they are a big soggy.

For the wrap, I will buy those tortilla things and inside I’m thinking Applegate turkey & ham, diced tomato, lettuce, a bit of cheese and some honey mustard.

Dinner: Will be some type of chicken and broccoli dish. I will probably steam the broccoli and grill the chicken, but I need to figure out how to season/ marinade the chicken! Of course, when I know… you’ll know too. 🙂

Happy Easter!



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