I’m not M.I.A.

I’m not M.I.A.

Guys, I suck.

I’m sorry I haven’t posted since Saturday, I’ve been strangely busy and exhausted! Thankfully, you all know about my meals this week because I meal planned and posted on Saturday.😊

So I’ve developed a new love for hot sauce and I now put it on my eggs every morning. Also, I had a meal plan change due to Easter ham being available. I did a bacon, ham, green pepper & potato egg scramble. It’s fabulous and the hot sauce only adds wonder to it!

My lunches have been great, the veggie soup is so tasty and the broth reminds me of spaghetti-o’s that I used to eat as a kid. However it’s not packed with preservatives and chemicals to preserve meatballs in a can… ha!

I started a new lifting and squat program this week, which I will be doing 2x a week! I also plan to do at least 3 WODs a week because bikini season is near! πŸ‘™

My week has been so long… So exhausting… And I’m ready for Friday. I love the kids I work with but holy smokes they were rough this week. Cheers to a glass of wine tomorrow night & dinner with my bestie! πŸΉπŸ˜›

I’ll be posting pics and meal plans this Saturday, stay tuned!!




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