April Meal Prep Week 4: another egg skillet, chicken and steak + a partner WOD!

April Meal Prep Week 4: another egg skillet, chicken and steak + a partner WOD!

Hello everyone!

Happy Saturday 🙂 I started the day off great with a Deck of Cards WOD at my gym! I am already sore, but it was a good one.

I am hoping this upcoming week will be a bit easier on me and hopefully I can post more than once (sorry again!) Luckily for me, today is wide open so I can cook, plan meals, blog, relax and play with Winnie.

I’ll start with workouts and finish with meals & some photos. This week was busy for my legs and whole body. Monday I did a crossfit class, Wednesday I lifted, squatted and did a mini abs/ running WOD, Thursday I ran a 5k, Friday I lifted/ squatted and did a partner WOD with Julie AND today I did the cards WOD. PHEW. I am exhausted. I will also post photos of the workouts. I started a new squat and lifting program this week. I crave structure and I think this will really help build my strength and also work on my snatch form. This week was lighter- 70-80% of both snatch and C&J, the squats were 6×2 and 6×3 at 135#. I’m making a serious effort to strengthen my core and will be adding ab work to my regular routine.

The following is a WOD I found from Crossfit Amplify (Julie and I doubled the numbers and made it a partner WOD)


So last week I talked about how I need to be more creative with breakfast and my creativity has failed me. I am actually going to repeat my sweet potato/broccoli/ meat mashup because it kept me quite full and it was delish. I decided to take this week off of apple cinnamon oats because next week… drum roll… I am going to eat THAT for breakfast instead! First week without eggs in like a year. That is a lie though, because I’m actually going to make hard boiled eggs so I can have that too. I don’t know when I will get breaks to eat at work so my #1 goal of breakfast is to stay full and be healthy.

Lunch is going to be rather boring. I didn’t use any of the frozen meats I planed on using last week, so tomorrow I am going to make the white wine dijon chicken and green beans for lunch. Boring but tasty.

Dinner will be marinated skirt steak with broccoli on Monday & Tuesday, followed by grilled Italian sausage the next few nights. Of course I will post pictures. 🙂

I’m going to try something new with my snacks this week. I am making GF pancakes today, and I plan to take 1 and eat it with fresh cut strawberries for my morning snack. I got the Bob’s Red Mill (?) GF pancake mix, hope they taste good! Image

Today’s pre workout breakfast:


Yummy sangria from dinner at Mago last night with Annie 🙂




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