An omelet to blog about

An omelet to blog about

This morning Jono and I went to my favorite breakfast place, Apple Villa, in Barrington. We were so spoiled this weekend because last night we enjoyed a beautiful steak dinner at Fire Fox in St. Charles! I ❤️ good food!

Anyway, last nights dinner was incredible. We had a garlic- shrimp appetizer, soup and then bacon wrapped sirloin and a potato. Jono got his steak with bleu cheese on it – I tried a bite and it was great!

It was very dark in the restaurant and I didn’t want to be ‘that girl’ taking pictures that flash… Especially of my food! So I tried to brighten but it’s super fuzzy.

This mornings omelet was fabulous. Red & green bell peppers, ham, bacon & cheddar cheese. (Plus hot sauce.) There was also a side of hash browns AND gluten free pancakes. Sunday breakfast kept me full until around 3pm! 😍 The best part about my omelet is that I have the second half for breakfast tomorrow! This pushes back my meal prep which is A OK with me. Tomorrow I’ll throw together my breakfast skillet.


Today’s meal prep was easy- cut strawberries, make and peel hard boiled eggs, cook white wine dijon chicken & green beans! That was great because it gave me time to watch the Hawks dominate!



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