Avocado Wrap & WOD Take 2

Avocado Wrap & WOD Take 2

Alright, if this doesn’t work I am officially computer illiterate.

Today I had a fabulous lunch that was actually just thrown together. It was so great that I went to the store for another avocado so I can eat it for lunch again tomorrow! There is no recipe required: grilled chicken, Applegate bacon, mashed avocado, Ezekiel wraps. VOILA!

I also had some corn shaved off the cob and seasoned it with salt, pepper and cayenne pepper! Zesty!

In other news, I finally learned how to spell Ezekiel without spell check after typing it 70375 times in the last month. Life victories. 🙂

Today I was exhausted but Julie and I still managed to get our asses handed to us!
100m run
10 pull-ups
100m run
10 burpess
Rest 30 seconds

I was laying on the floor in full “sweat angel” mode, but it was a great WOD. My hands will be hurting tomorrow.

I will be starting “Fitness Tip Friday” tomorrow & I also created an Instagram! caffeine_and_counseling … follow me!


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