Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!

I am in the middle of starting a book club, I am very excited about it and it should be a great time! It was inspired by finishing the book I posted about last and I hope that it turned into something fun.

Anyway, I noticed that I made my meals unintentionally Paleo for the week! Which is funny because usually I struggle to find Paleo meals! My snacks, however, are not all Paleo and I am 100% okay with that. They are gluten-free!

So let’s talk about my cooking this week so far. I have a comical story for you about some fish, but first I need to talk about the amazing breakfast I have been eating. I absolutely love sweet potatoes and bacon and when you add eggs to the mix it just feels right! It also helps that the eggs I’ve been using are farm raised eggs that we got a local farmers market.


About that fish… I posted the recipe from the blog I got it from. The picture looked amazing and I was really in the mood for some fresh tilapia. I followed the recipe and I don’t really know what happened after that. The fish did not brown in the oven so I decided to try and use a cast iron skillet to finish it. I was then informed that the lemon in the sauce would cause the fish to stick, and that it did! It didn’t taste bad but it was in chunks and shredded and it does not look appealing. I have two more fillets that I’m going to try to salvage tonight for dinner by using a regular skillet and not a cast iron skillet. Here’s a funny picture:



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