Fitness tip Friday (TWO tips today!)

Fitness tip Friday (TWO tips today!)

happy Friday!

Last week I failed at providing a fitness tip, therefore today I will be providing… Two!

Set goals for yourself and celebrate when you reach them.

I have been setting goals for myself pretty much since I started doing CrossFit. Whether it’s a ideal body weight goal, a skill that I would like to learn, or a lift that I would like to make it has really kept me on track.

If you want to take it one step further, you can share your goals with a group of people and work together to help each other achieve it. My friends from my gym and I are starting a little summer club that I love! ha ha. It sounds silly but I really think it will be a great way to keep us on track and motivate each other. Were all working towards different things, but we also all want to WOD in sports bras by the end of summer. 💪👙❕

Fuel your workout! Pre AND post foods are important.

Eat before you workout- eat fruit! I eat a banana or some type of fruit before every workout. It keeps me from getting light headed and it gives me quick energy to push me harder. I also sometimes eat a slice of Ezekiel toast, peanut butter and sliced banana if I’m going to do a particularly long and challenging WOD.

In addition to that, I drink a protein shake after lifting and WODs. A few months ago I noticed that my recovery was absolutely dreadful. My arms were sore for days on days after workouts that weren’t all that challenging. I talked with some trainers and it turns out I wasn’t getting enough protein in my diet. I still get sore, but drinking a shake after I workout has reduced my soreness and helped in recovery.

Here’s a WOD I did yesterday that I found on Pinterest



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