Meal Prep

Meal Prep

Hello everyone, I hope you had a wonderful 3 day weekend!

My meals this week are quite simple, and I’m only working Tuesday- Thursday. 🙌 I only needed to buy groceries for those few days… how I ended up spending just as much $ as I do for a full week, I have no idea. Impulse purchases I guess. Sure I need new organic ketchup and some nice aged cheddar cheese?!

Anyway, I’m extremely pumped up for my breakfast:
3 strips of bacon topped with farm fresh scrambled eggs, diced avocado and hot sauce. I made this breakfast on Sunday and Monday morning for Jono and I! It was so delicious that I decided it would be extended to the week.

Lunch will be sweet potato fries with organic ketchup (so I guess that impulse purchase wasn’t awful!) marinated skirt steak, fresh fruit and fresh veggies.

Dinner is a big mystery to me! I’m sure it will be something on the grill… Just not sure what!

I’m very excited because I’m flying to Boise for Jono’s brothers wedding this weekend! I’ll post pictures.

Exciting News – the girls from my gym and I (Drew & Julie) are starting our summer fit program! WODs for Bods is the name of it (Drew came up with it!) and were starting June 1st or 2nd. I may be doing guest posts on what we ate/ workouts/ etc. throughout the summer. 😊

Tomorrow I need to get my ass handed to me by a WOD. My IT band has been bothering me and I’m terrified that it’s something serious but I’m just foam rolling and hoping for the best. I think I’m going to do:

50 DU’s
Wallballs/ sit-ups
50 DU’s

Here’s my dinner: it was fucking amazing



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