Fitness Tip Friday 🎉

Fitness Tip Friday 🎉

I have a couple of tips for you today.

If you’re new to leading a healthier lifestyle or just starting your journey, ease in to it.

I made this mistake a few times back in the day. I’d decide “I’m totally eating heathy and working out every single day for 3938 days in a row!” Well, clearly that didn’t work out. I’d last about 4 days going balls to the walls and then I’d get over it and return to my old ways. Eventually I learned to ease in to it. I started working out a couple times a week, then I got a trainer. After time doing that, I began to change my diet and eventually my whole lifestyle. The gradual transition helped a lot!

The next tip is odd… But

Listen to your body! If you’re extremely tired to the point where it’s a chore to stand up or drive home, it’s probably not a good idea to work out!

“But I’m tired every day after work?!” Alright, who isn’t? Can you drink a small cup of coffee and have some fruit to get over it? Yes. The fatigue I’m talking about in my tip is the kind where it makes your workout more harmful than helpful. Form is broken, effort is not given and you just don’t feel good. I missed Wednesdays workout because I was just exhausted. I felt like I was coming down with something, my allergies were insane and I was not well. I even napped when I got home from work and I’m normally an energetic spazz (just ask Jono!) so it was odd for me to sleep at that time.

If this is how you’re feeling every day after work, you may need to evaluate your amount of sleep or what you’re eating. Those have significant impacts on your energy level. 😊


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