Meal Prep, DIY Jean Shorts & Anxious Belly

Meal Prep, DIY Jean Shorts & Anxious Belly

Happy Father’s Day!

I hope you’re all having a nice time celebrating with family. My day has been great, we are a very relaxed family when it comes to this stuff… We opened a few gifts and then Brian and I went to a delicious Chinese restaurant. I got lemon chicken, unbreaded, with brown rice. I have lots o’ leftovers to look forward to!

I mentioned before that I was in the process of making DIY jean shorts and they came out wonderful! Image

I went to a thrift store and bout 2 pairs of jeans that were about 7$ each. Then I cut them into shorts (use a different pair of shorts to measure.) I went a little longer so I could fold them over. After cutting, I literally took scissors and shredded them. I use one of the blades and went back and fourth horizontally and vertically. When the jeans started to rip, I used my hands to pry some of the threads loose and pulled the tear horizontally some more. The top pair went strait in the wash and the bottom pair went in a bucket of bleach for 2 hours… then in the wash. (Mostly warm water, about 2c bleach. The jeans should be fully soaked & submerged.)


Breakfast: potato, bacon, sausage, green pepper skillet with 2 eggs over easy. I’ve used this recipe before 🙂

Lunch: I have 3 different lunches planned! Monday is Chipotle, Tuesday is leftover Chinese & Wednesday is a chicken sausage and GF pasta recipe I will post later this week.

Dinner: My stepdad made a wonderful farmers market chicken and my mom made bean soup- I will be eating those 2 things Mon- Wed.

Here’s a picture of my specific meals/ snacks. I’m so OCD, I know.


Now on to the anxious belly part! I start my new job tomorrow and I am very excited and also very nervous. I’m in a weird state of hunger yet queazy and I don’t like it one bit. I’ve heard so many great things about the organization so I’m feeling positive, it’s just the unknown that’s making me uneasy. 🙂


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