Some meals this week!

Some meals this week!

I’m happy to report that after 2 days I’m enjoying my new job! It’s overwhelming, but I think it will be a great fit. 🙂 Here’s my paleo breakfast:

20140617-214539-78339799.jpg Here’s my lunch for the next 2 days:

20140617-214602-78362329.jpg I do not have a name for this but it’s SUPER easy to make! You need: – 3 Roundy’s (Mariano’s) chicken sausage- sun dried tomato & basil flavor – 1 red bell pepper – Trader Joe’s GF corn pasta (half bag) – 1/2 jar Marinara sauce (usually I use organic from Mariano’s) Step 1: cook noodles & grill sausage Step 2: chop bell pepper Step 3: pour all items in bowl & mix Serves about 2 if you’re very hungry or 3 if you’re not so hungry. 😳


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