Sorry for being MIA!

Sorry for being MIA!

Hello everyone, 

I’m sorry I have been slacking lately. I started my new position and am only on week 3! I am loving it however I am mentally drained by the end of each day. On top of it, I had a fabulous bachelorette party this weekend in the city and I’m just now recovering from it. 🙂 

If you follow my Instagram, I have posted a couple of meals for the week. I had to do some switches because we had a crazy storm the night I was supposed to grill my burgers and meats! 

For breakfast I’ve been eating a ham/swiss/green pepper/ egg mash up. WOW it’s DELICIOUS! 

Lunches have been … interesting. Today I had chopped sweet potatoes, a burger with tomato and hot sauce + veggies. I think I will have that again tomorrow. 

Dinners have been different every night. Last night I had Italian sausage, the night before that I had a cube steak … and the night before that I ate the entire grocery store Mariano’s. You don’t want to know what I had… nor do I want to repeat it. Lets just say it involved pizza… and many other things. 🙂 

I will be traveling this weekend but I will be sure to post pictures because I owe it to you all! 


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