I’m back!

I’m back!

Alright my dears, time for a small confession. I don’t normally share too many details about my personal life on here but I owe you an explanation.

I’m going through a rough break up right now and I’ve been in a slump. I have been working out regularly but my diet has been absolutely dreadful! These past 2 weeks have been “I don’t give a F, I’m eating whatever I want” and I think I have gained some weight. Ah! I had 3 dinners on Friday. THREE. Sushi, frozen yogurt and chipotle tacos. I’m ashamed! So tomorrow I’m back at it.

Breakfast: bacon, eggs, 1 small gluten free pancake

Lunch: Mariano’s chicken salad on Ezekiel bread with a ton of fresh fruit & veggies


I get to go to Cafe BaBaReeba tomorrow with my girlfriends from college! Good news, that’s one of my favorite restaurants! Bad news, it’s a goodbye dinner for a good friend moving to Colorado 😕

Snacks: popcorn, pistachios, banana, protein shake

I plan to work out very hard tomorrow and do a WOD with thrusters & burpees… Woohoo!

Here’s part of my lunch


Here’s my amazing breakfast from last week



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