Meatballs & Pizza Poppers

Meatballs & Pizza Poppers


How was your weekend? Mine was a blast. I saw my girlfriends from college, watched some amazing crossfitters compete at Fitober Fest and … drum roll… watched Gone Girl! All I can say about Gone Girl is wow. I loved it. Unfortunately, I didn’t get home from the movies until late last night so I have to do a majority of my cooking tonight. Worth it!

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Here are the links to what I am cooking:

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As I mentioned above, I went to a crossfit competition this weekend. I feel so inspired and want to go lift heavy things. I am also excited to use these beautiful new Blackhawks wrist wraps:

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Before the competition, I attempted to WOD. Confession: I didn’t finish this dreadful workout. I did the first half but was just not feeling it after the 50 DU’s. 85# felt like 115# and my burpees were a joke. One day when I am not freezing cold (and semi heartbroken) I will do this full WOD … but Saturday was not that day. It took me 20 minutes to get through 50 DU, 21-15-9 50 DU! Wowza.

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