A little bit of Chicken Fried…. Rice

A little bit of Chicken Fried…. Rice

I am 97% sure you will have Zac Brown “Chicken Fried” stuck in your head all day now! Sorry I’m not sorry 🙂

Anyway, on my Instagram I posted a picture of some amazing chicken/ quinoa rice. I don’t have a fancy recipe card for it but here’s what you need:

1 cup uncooked brown rice

1/2 cup uncooked quinoa

2 chicken breasts

1/4 cup of each: diced carrots, peas, corn

1 teaspoon of minced garlic

1/8 cup diced yellow onion

1 tbsp. Irish butter

2 eggs

Lemon juice

Coconut aminos & Gluten free soy sauce (to taste)

Salt & pepper (to taste)

This is super easy, it just takes a while because there are so many ingredients! In separate pots, cook rice and quinoa according to box directions. Grill chicken, dice it up & set aside. In a large stir fry pan, melt butter and then scramble egg. Add in all veggies, garlic and onion. Once that is mixed and cooked, stir in rice and quinoa. Add a few drops of coconut aminos and soy sauce- be cautious! A little goes a long way. I shook each bottle maybe 6 times over the rice and stirred it up. Slowly add in the chicken and stir. You can add some lemon juice over the top and stir if you’re feeling zesty. At this point, I try the rice and chicken to test flavoring. You may want to add salt, pepper, more sauces or even more garlic/ onion. It’s all up to you!

Another option is to crush up peanuts and mix it in as well. Enjoy!


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