DIY Teeth Whitening Tips & Tricks

DIY Teeth Whitening Tips & Tricks

If you’re a coffee addict like myself, you’ve probably had frustrations with it staining your teeth. Thankfully I have a few routine DIY whitening options for you. I have always been very particular about my teeth and have spent a lot of money on fancy whitening treatments, Crest strips, etc. Every now & again I’ll use a white strip or whitening kit, but for the most part these little tips and tricks are enough to keep me satisfied! Here’s what you’ll need:



Mouthwash, hydrogen peroxide, water, Crest 3D White (I swear by this stuff), a Q-tip, a flosser and, of course, your tooth brush.

1) Floss: because it’s good for you and your mouth will feel 5x cleaner after doing so.

2) Fill the peroxide lid with peroxide and get your Q-tip ready.

3) Then you’re going to smile REALLY big, like you’re in first grade, and use the Q-tip to dab peroxide on your teeth. Keep smiling big, you’re mouth may start to hurt but it’s only for 30 seconds to a minute, depending on how white you want to go.

4) After 30-60 seconds, rinse mouth with water.

5) Time to make your own mouthwash! I usually do 3 equal parts of: Listerine, peroxide & water. Sometimes I go a little heavier on the Listerine if I want to be extra “minty.” Every few weeks I make a big “batch” of the whitening mouthwash and keep it in the large Listerine bottle.

unnamed-16) Swish the completed mouthwash for 30-60 seconds & rinse.

7) Brush teeth using Crest 3D White! I love this toothpaste because it keeps you minty fresh for such a long time. I brushed my teeth before a workout the other day and after sweating, running (and swearing) I could still taste the mint while drinking my water. It was actually very refreshing. 🙂

After doing this for a couple of days, you will certainly notice a difference!

Another tip: brush immediately after drinking coffee. I am in favor of Crest White Strips and I’m sure you can buy a great whitening kit on Groupon. These are just a few DIY whitening strategies that you can use daily to keep your teeth pearly white.



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