Detox time

Detox time

Hello loves, I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween weekend! πŸŽƒ I spent Friday night in the city and had a blast with my girlfriends. I made some very unhealthy choices Saturday and my groggy mind/ body could feel it today! Thankfully I spent some serious meal prep time in the kitchen and have some awesome meals planned:


I think I reported that I was making sweet potato hash for breakfast a few weeks ago, well that never happened. So this week it IS happening and I can’t wait for a delicious, filling breakfast!

You already have my recipes for these foods, however I tweaked my chili a bit. I used chicken rather than beef. I also used a couple shakes of: cayenne pepper, chili powder, seasoned salt, garlic, onion, salt, pepper & cumin rather than one of those seasoned packets. The chili looks funny because the chicken is so much lighter than the beef, but I taste tested tonight and it’s πŸ‘Œ. I also made some gluten free noodles to eat with it.

I’ll be posting some great workouts this week. In the meantime, here’s a little endurance burner for you that was part of Crossfit Rise programming last week:
3,6,9… Ascending
Box jump
Power clean

Have a great week & GO HAWKS! ❀️


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