Whole Life Challenge: September 2014

Whole Life Challenge: September 2014

Good morning! Those of you who follow my Instagram already know I am starting a challenge for the month of September. I did some research and kind of finagled my own challenge. It’s a cross between the Paleo challenge my gym did… and the Whole Life Challenge. First of all… did you guys know there was a difference between “Whole 30 Challenge” and “Whole Life Challenge”? I did not. And I have been using the terms as if they were the same. Oops!

Here is a link to the acceptable foods on my challenge, I am doing the middle column “Lifestyle.”


I like this because I am allowed to eat brown rice, quinoa, beans and lentils. My body has never had a bad reaction to these and I feel wayyyy less restricted. When I tried to do a full paleo challenge I broke after 5 days and ate 5 large cookies.

The way the challenge works is: you get 15 points every day and then you will add or subtract based on what you do.

ANY cheat is -5 points. If you have 2 servings, its 10, etc. If you have a half… I’d say -2.5 then.

Taking fish oil every day= +2 points
Any workout (whether its 20 minutes or 2 hours) = +3 points
Any mobilizing/ stretching on off days is also +3 points (you can’t get 6 points in a day though for working out then stretching… max is 3)

Today is day 1. I will post pictures of my meals/ workouts in a later post 🙂

A few friends were asking about sweet potato hash:


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